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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A few unexpected shudders of tears, nothing I couldn't control, only the usual quiet murmuring of sadness. I locked eyes on the television screen banality to banish the now increasing babble of my brain.

Rolling waves rushed in, washing rhythmically over the shore. Still controllable, a nice rainy day feel.
But that was just the warm-up for the storm, a violent, unexpected, pummelling gust. A howling, moaning wind tore through me. A roiling, merciless ocean poured out of me. All life around me trembled from the force of the outburst; a wild horse kicking, bucking, running amok.

Then a gentle hand of God lay on my body to still the torrent. The storm weakened, the waves ebbed,
my body left ravaged and beaten, emptied and cleansed.

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